ICT is a driving force for Zurich’s economy

These days, it is very hard to imagine an industrial sector without information and communications technology. ICT is increasingly becoming a strategic factor for business success. The following sub-segments are attributed to the ICT cluster:

  • ICT hardware
  • ICT trade and distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • IT services

Growing industry

According to the statistics on enterprise structure (STATENT 2016), in 2016, there were approximately 53 900 people employed in 5 300 ICT companies in the Canton of Zurich. The total for Switzerland was approximately 169 600 in 21 200 companies. The gross added value in the Canton of Zurich amounted to apporoximately 11.03 billion Swiss francs, and to 31.6 billion Swiss francs throughout Switzerland. ICT specialists are not only employed within their specialised fielld, but also by companies that, statistically speaking, are attributed to other sectors, including in the financial and insurance sectors as well as in industry and commerce.


Cluster Facts and Figures with Sub-Segments - Canton Zurich 2016

eZürich Activities

Given the density of industrial and professional associations in Zurich, the Business and Economic Development Division focuses primarily on the following activities:

  • Provision of data and information material, for instance, via the ict-agenda.ch
  • Contributions to networking platforms
  • Supporting measures for the advancement of young people
  • Collaboration in professional and working groups
  • Hub for companies wishing to relocate to Zurich and other projects

Advancement of young people

The demand for qualified ICT specialists is considerable and is set to increase in the future. That is why it is important to make young people, but also employees interested in a career change, aware of the career and training opportunities in the field of ICT.

The following projects/partners promote the advancement of young people:

Educational institutes: from apprenticeships to university studies

The list below is a selection of the most important educational institutes and intermediary organisations:

Well-known ICT companies

Inter alia, the following ICT companies and facilities either have their roots in the Zurich area or conduct business here: Avaloq, Adnovum, Cinergy, Crealogix, Doodle, Ergon Informatik, IBM Research Laboratory Rüschlikon, Google Research, Namics, Netcetera, Noser Group, Zühlke. Additional companies and facilities are listed in the booklet Cluster Data 2016: Facts, Figures and Players.