Financial Services


Zurich financial centre

The Zurich financial centre is of considerable economic and social significance for the Greater Zurich Area – including as an employer, as a provider of vocational training, as a creditor, as a contracting entity, as a taxpayer and as an important promoter of cultural institutions and events.

The following sub-segments constitute part of the finance cluster:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Other financial services providers

Economic significance

Every sixth value added franc and every tenth job in the region depend directly on the Zurich financial centre. The distribution of the financial sector shows that the banks dominate the Zurich financial centre with a value added share of more than 44 per cent. Insurances rank second (45 per cent), followed by the other financial services providers (e. g. asset managers, hedge funds). Source: BAK Economics AG.

For a list of players see Cluster-Data 2016