Protecting and conserving natural resources

Cleantech refers to the various types of technology, industries and services that contribute toward protecting and conserving natural resources. Cleantech encompasses every stage of the value added chain, from research and development to production of investment goods to their use.

The following types of technology are attributed to the cleantech cluster:

  • Sustainable management of resources (e.g. eco-design
  • Protection of resources and emission reduction (e.g. purification of drinking water and sewage treatment)
  • Renewable forms of energy and materials (e.g. photovoltaic plant)
  • Energy-efficient systems and applications (e.g. building refurbishment)
  • Sustainable mobility (e.g. traffic management)

Cleantech in Zurich

The following video gives an impression of the cleantech landscape in the Canton of Zurich.

Videostill - Cleantech in Zürich