We facilitate and promote networking of forward-looking economic sectors.

Clusters are groups within the same sector of business that play a major role in the development of Zurich because of the density of companies, research and educational facilities, and professional organisations. By promoting the networking of these companies and institutions along the value creation chain, we strive to increase the innovative power in the respective clusters.

Our activities and objectives

We are committed to:

  • strengthening resident companies
  • encouraging new companies from the respective business sector to settle in Zurich
  • increasing the diversity of business sectors in the Zurich area
  • increasing innovation

Our priorities include:

  • identifying and procuring competencies in the Zurich Economic Area
  • networking of cluster players from industry, academia and politics in Switzerland as well as abroad
  • supplying data and information
  • assisting cluster players in accomplishing projects where the Business and Economic Development Division and its partners can help facilitate the process

In addition to the work within the individual specialised fields, international networking across clusters is becoming increasingly more important.

Cluster Data 2019

The Cluster Data 2019 booklet provides an updated overview of data on newly founded companies, jobs and value added in the Cleantech, Creative Industries, Finance, Information and Communications Technology, Life Sciences and Tourism clusters. The data preparation for the booklet was supported by the Statistical Office Canton of Zurich.

The information in the booklet is complemented by the interactive cluster profile chart of the Statistical Office that shows the growth dynamics and significance of the clusters for the Canton of Zurich.

Technology transfer and innovation

Innovation and technology transfer play a major role in the context of clusters. The contact points listed below offer cross-cluster support:

Further contact points - including founding centres and incubators - are listed on