An excellent transport network

Thanks to short distances and the world’s densest local transport system, Zurich’s transport connections are ideal.

The international Zurich Airport is located just a few kilometres from Zurich’s city centre and can be reached within about thirty minutes by railway, car or S-Bahn train. More than 130 destinations are flown to from Zurich Airport: sixteen in North and South America, five in the Middle East, eleven in the Far East, eighteen in Africa and eighty-four in Europe.

Public transport in Zurich is fast, clean, safe and punctual. Using it is simple: a uniform fare system applies on the coordinated network of train, S-Bahn, funicular, bus, boat and tram throughout the region.

Zürich is an important railway junction with fast national connections and to the major European cities. Every half hour, there are trains from Zurich to the Swiss cities of Basel, Berne and Geneva. Furthermore, the high-speed trains ICE (Germany), TGV (France) and Pendolino (Italy) run several times a day from and to Zurich.

Zurich is also very convenient to reach by car, given that Switzerland has one of the world’s densest motorway networks.