About eZürich

Working together to make Zurich a strong ICT location

eZürich is the platform for creative heads, ideas and projects aimed at promoting Zurich as an ICT and business location. It evolved from the eZürich activities carried out by the City of Zurich from 2010-2014.

The eZürich cooperation network includes representatives from research and education, from business, from professional and specialised organisations, as well as from politics and administration, who jointly develop project ideas and implement them in a collaborative spirit. 


eZürich ICT-Cluster Dialogue

The eZürich ICT-Cluster Dialogue is held in spring and autumn respectively, the aim being to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, build networks and discuss current issues. Representatives from business, science and administration are invited to attend. Participation is free of charge. 

eZürich projects

The eZürich ICT-Cluster Dialogue provides an opportunity to discuss a range of focal topics and project ideas within the framework of workshops. After the event, some of the topics and ideas generated are explored and developed further within smaller groups. The event moderators are the persons to contact for anyone interested in becoming actively involved. 

eZürich newsletter & reviews

Updates on the activities of eZürich are provided alternately in the form of a review of the respective Dialogue event or by way of a newsletter. 

Help shape eZürich

The eZürich cooperation network thrives on the ideas and initiatives from the community. You are welcome to contribute too!

Representatives from ICT businesses (regardless of company size and year established), from ICT education, from research and teaching, as well as from professional and specialised organisations and from public administration may become a part of the activities of eZürich.

In doing so, you and your organisation will be expected to

  • promote Zurich as an ICT location in a combined effort
  • participate twice annually in the eZürich ICT Cluster Dialogue (with a C-level representative or a person with decision-making authority) and be willing to become actively involved
  • actively contribute to projects in the eZürich context and help make them possible
  • be willing to serve as a contact person for Zurich as an ICT location
  • determine a main contact person at C-level position 

The beginnings of eZürich

eZürich was initiated and set up by the City of Zurich in the course of the 2010-2014 legislative period. The goal was to expand urban e-government services, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to establish a network of representatives from science, business and administration so as to promote Zurich as an IT location. As per the end of the legislative period, the coordination of the City of Zürich's e-government projects falls within the remit of the e-government specialist unit at the city's data-processing centre (OIZ), whereas the task of continuously advancing the eZürich cooperation network lies with the Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich. The City of Zürich continues to be part of the eZürich network.

eZürich has provided a decisive impetus for the City of Zürich's e-government services. Thus, almost all of the available services that simplify the exchange of information with the authorities - such as online notification of change of address- were devised during the first four years of eZürich.

Furthermore, important projects, such as the "IT-dreamjobs" campaign to counter the shortage of skilled professionals, were implemented within the eZürich cooperation network.

An overview of the achievements of the first four years is provided in the document "eZürich - eine Standortbestimmung" (available in German only)