Short-time working in the context of the coronavirus

Work stoppages relating to the coronavirus

Illustration Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is causing supply shortages and declines in demand, which can lead to work stoppages. Companies may submit applications for short-time working if they provide evidence of an adequate causal link between the work stoppage and the coronavirus outbreak and if they meet the existing eligibiblity criteria.

Relevant information for employers in brief

The Federal Government has taken measures to simplify applications for short-time working relating to the coronavirus.

Please consult our short instructions that will assist you in submitting your application (available only in German).

Provisions and information

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs' (SECO) website on topics relating to the coronavirus lists binding provisions and information for companies looking to apply for short-time working because of the coronavirus outbreak:

Please note that a general reference to the new coronavirus does not justify a claim for short-time working compensation. Rather, employers must provide credible evidence as to how the work stoppages expected in their company relate to the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, there must be an adequate causal link between the work stoppage and the occurrence of the virus.

General information on short-time working compensation can be retrieved from the brochure «Kurzarbeitsentschädigung» (available only in German, French, Italian) on the website.

Recommendations for the workplace

The Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH) issues recommendations for the workplace. These enable companies to implement measures for the protection of employees - including those at special risk.