Persons with refugee status


Provisionally admitted foreign nationals are persons who have been ordered to return from Switzerland to their native countries but in whose cases the enforcement of this order has proved inadmissible (violation of international law), unreasonable (concrete endangerment of the foreign national) or impossible (for technical reasons of enforcement).


The requirement for a work permit is a valid residence permit (B or F permit). The salary and terms of employment must be in accordance with those customary in the region and sector. No restrictions apply with respect to the branch of work.

Permit requirement for gainful employment by refugees

According to the Swiss Asylum Act and the Decree on admittance, residence and employment, any employment and change of employment of refugees with a B permit is subject to permit regulations as long as the applicant does not have a permanent residence permit.

Employment and change of employment by provisionally admitted refugees with an F permit is subject to permit regulations during the entire provisional admittance period.

The sole object of the permit procedure is to ensure local salary and employment conditions are adhered to.

Application documents

Application can be made with the electronic form. If you have not yet registered, please request a password by selecting “New registration”. If you wish to apply on paper using the form use the Application to take up/change employment.

Further documents

  • Copy of the Foreigners permit
  • Copy of the employment contract