Questions on registration procedure

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Please note that the following information applies EXCLUSIVELY to the Canton of Zurich!

For questions or clarifications, please contact our hotline: +41 43 259 91 11

How to calculate the eight-day deadline
The day the registration is recorded is included in the calculation, the same applies to weekend days. To meet the deadline, the work may start at the earliest on the ninth day after the registration of the assignment.

A person registers on Monday, 1 March 2010. That person is not permitted to start to work before Tuesday, 9 March 2010.
A person registers on Friday, 5 March 2010. That person is not permitted to start to work before Saturday, 13 March 2010.

What is considered an emergency?
Urgent repairs, accidents, natural disasters or other unforeseen events can justify late registration; however, registration has to be made at the latest on the day of the commencement of work. The assignment serves the purpose of remedying unforeseen damage with the aim of preventing further damage. The assignment takes place immediately, at the latest three calendar days (incl. Sundays and public holidays) after the event.

A schedule that is too tight or a mission assigned on short notice shall not be deemed to be an emergency and the eight-day period will be adhered to.

How to register an emergency
It is mandatory to indicate under "comments" why the registration should be deemed to be an emergency.

Modification of an existing registration
Place of activity
If the place of activity indicated is wrong, it is mandatory to register again. Please enter the existing registration number under "comments" and indicate that you have submitted a registration with a wrong place of activity.

Days of assignment/ Early start of the assignment (8-day deadline)
If the date of a scheduled assignment changes, you may reply by post to the registration confirmation you have received and inform the competent authority of the new date of the assignment. Please also observe the matter of credit of days. If an assignment starts earlier than scheduled, the 8-day deadline will nonetheless apply, i.e. the period of eight days between the original day of registration and the new date for the beginning of the assignment will remain applicable.

Deletion of persons
If a person fails to be assigned, the respective person may be deleted from the registration. Please reply by mail to the registration confirmation you have received and inform us of the person to be deleted.

Additional persons
If additional persons have to be registered, or there is an exchange of persons, e.g. due to illness, the new person has to register. Please enter under "comments" that this is an addition to the existing registration no. XXXXXX. If existing registrations are being expanded or in case of an exchange of persons, the eight-day deadline will not apply. Registration must be made before the commencement of work.

Credit of days / Cancellation of a registration
Information on a cancellation of registration has to be submitted at the latest by 12 o'clock noon on the corresponding day in order for there to be a credit of days; retroactive cancellation is not possible. Please reply by post to the registration confirmation you have received and inform us of the days no longer needed. The same applies to the registration that has thus become null and void. You will not receive a confirmation of deregistration in case of cancellation of the registration. In case of adjustments to existing data, you will automatically receive a new registration confirmation by post.

The post arrives on 5 March 2010 at 10.45 am. The respective day can be credited.
Information submitted on Monday, 8 March 2010 concerning work not done on Friday 5 March 2010 will not be considered. There will be no time credited for this.

Renewal of a registration
For renewals, it is mandatory to work at the same place of activity and the end of the original registration must not have expired by more than three months. The eight-day deadline shall not apply in these cases. Please reply to the original registration confirmation, we will thus have all the necessary information at our disposal.

The last assignment ended on 5 January 2010. If work is to resume on 5 April 2010, the renewal will apply.

The last assignment ended on 31 January 2010. If the assignment resumes after 1 May 2010, a renewal is no longer possible and the eight-day registration deadline will be mandatory.

How to count the registered assignment days
All calendar days will be taken into consideration for the calculation of the assignment days, i.e. including the weekends. Therefore, please enter the actual days of the assignment only.  You would otherwise waste these days because it is not possible to retroactively modify registrations.

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