Registration procedure

In brief

In the framework of the registration procedure, foreign workers from EU-27/EFTA states may work in Switzerland for up to 90 working days per calendar year without a work permit, but registration is mandatory. The following persons shall be considered as employed persons:

  • persons employed by a foreign employer with registered offices in an EU-27/EFTA state (so called posted workers),
  • self-employed service providers who are nationals of an EU-27/EFTA state,
  • non-self-employed EU-27/EFTA nationals employed by a Swiss employer.

Please note that for companies posting workers, the limit of 90 working days shall apply to the company.

The registration has to take place at least eight days before taking up work in Switzerland. It shall be submitted by the employer or by the self-employed service provider online via the following link.
Go to online registration

In case of problems with the online application of the registration procedure, please contact the Federal Office for Migration.
In exceptional cases, registration can be done by fax or post to the competent cantonal authority. New registrations by e-mail are not permitted.

Further information on mandatory registration, posting of workers or on related measures.


In respect of Croatia, a work permit is required in the following sectors of industry:

  • building, civil engineering and building-related trades
  • services relating to gardening and landscape planning
  • industrial cleaning services
  • surveillance and security

Work efforts up to 90 days per calendar year in other sectors of industry have to be registered.